XL Reporter

XL Reporter is a reporting application that is integrated with SAP Business One and Microsoft Excel. The application extracts data directly from the transaction tables in SAP Business One across the different modules. It is easy to create standard profit and loss reports, balances, forecasts, key figures, dashboards, and more analytic reports, such as sales per product, project, employee, and so on.

The combination of XL Reporter functions with the standard functionality in Microsoft Excel makes XL Reporter a powerful reporting tool. Furthermore, it is very easy to use.

The following are just some of the product highlights:

  • Seamless integration with SAP Business One. No temporary storage of data is necessary.
  • “Drag & Drop”-based user interface
  • Users can “Drill-Down” to the transaction level of SAP Business One.
  • Users can use Microsoft Excel as the user interface for definition and execution of reports.
  • Standard functionality for financial reporting.
  • Automatic, scheduled execution of individual reports or report packages.
  • Automatic distribution of executed reports and report packages.

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