German National Team Relies on SAP Technology at the European Championship

After intensive preparation, 24 European national soccer teams will be presenting themselves at the upcoming European Championship. Besides concentrating on training and match practice, they’ll be analyzing their opponents and discussing tactics and game plans. Germany’s coaching team is relying on technology-driven support from the sports management solution SAP Sports One.

Sights Set on the European Championship

SAP Sports One enables us to efficiently share tactical insights and key information about our next opponents with our players. And by accessing the software on a tablet, we can even give them the latest updates in the changing room shortly before kickoff or at half time,” says Benjamin Glück, assistant coach to the German national A-team.

“SAP’s sports management suite is very important to the national soccer team as a central platform for collecting and analyzing data and for presenting the insights gained from that data to our players,” explains Glück. “We use the video and visualization functions in SAP Sports One to help us illustrate findings about our opponents and their key players. These features make conveying tactics and preparing for specific matches much easier and clearer.” The German team also uses analytical insights to prepare for penalty scenarios. In SAP Penalty Insights, goalkeepers can study the behavior of potential penalty-takers, such as which area of the goal they usually aim for and even how these preferences change under pressure. Conversely, penalty-takers can gain insights into the tactics of their opponents’ goalkeepers.

The coaches and analysts of the German Football Association (Deutscher Fußball-Bund, or DFB) work with data created within SAP Sports One as well as data and analyses from third-party sources. The SAP solution serves as the central platform for consolidating and analyzing all the data.

An SAP App for All Players

Germany’s national players stay in close contact with their coaches and analysts through the SAP Sports One messaging app – SAP Team One – which they have on their phones. Among other things, the mobile app is used to pass on match preparation information, such as opponent analyses, annotated clips, and videos.

Take professional sports team management to a new level

The players also use the mobile app to share information about themselves. For example, they complete questionnaires about how intense they perceived the last training session or match, how well they slept, and how they are feeling overall. Their responses are used to generate an RPE (rating of perceived exertion) value. By gauging each player’s general health and well-being in this way, coaches can manage intensity levels according to each individual’s situation. Both the DFB and the player’s home club monitor this RPE value to guard against overtraining and injury. SAP Analytics Cloud can draw on data from SAP Sports One to create player-specific reports that are forwarded to the player’s home club after courses, tournaments, and matches the German team takes part in.

DFB and SAP: An Established Partnership

The DFB is a familiar name around the globe. With almost 7 million members spread across more than 25,000 clubs, it is the world’s largest national sports federation. At the World Cup in Brazil in 2014, which Germany won, the country’s national team was already using SAP Match Insights, a prototype of the solution that is now part of SAP Sports One. This prototype helped the DFB evaluate large volumes of data for match analysis for the first time.

Today, more than 1,000 DFB users – players and the “teams behind the teams” – work with SAP Sports One. “Our successful collaboration with the German national team was a key factor in SAP’s decision to turn the prototype we developed for the DFB into a standard product. Now, clubs and associations in 19 countries are using SAP Sports One,” says Fadi Naoum, senior vice president and head of Development, SAP Sports One. More joint projects followed, including the development of SAP Penalty Insights and SAP Challenger Insights, a mobile app that helps teams prepare for upcoming matches. On the horizon of this co-innovation partnership are plans to leverage the power of AI to make the functions in SAP Sports One even more efficient.

Shaping the Future

In addition to Germany’s national men’s and women’s soccer A-teams, the DFB manages 12 junior and U21 teams, too. “The challenge for us is to keep a close eye on the pool of talented young players we have and to help them reach their full potential,” says Christofer Clemens, the DFB’s head of Scouting, Match Analysis, and Diagnosis. “Our coaching teams watch an average of 1,500 games every season and identify a large number of gifted talents in the process. To qualify these players, the coaching teams compile a huge volume of scouting reports, which we manage in SAP Sports One. These qualitative insights are vital for us. However, at the moment, the task of judging the development of a player or comparing individual players based on that information is time-consuming,” says Clemens. “We’re hoping that AI will make the complex task of analyzing these vast amounts of data much simpler for us.” Alongside scouting reports, the DFB plans to use publicly available data sources and match statistics to complete player profiles.

“Another area where the DFB sees enormous potential for AI is in analyzing opponents before international matches,” says Martin Vogelbein, a member of the DFB’s Scouting, Match Analysis, and Diagnosis team and project lead in managing the SAP Sports One solution. SAP Sports One is already helping the DFB prepare for big games, he explains, but the plan is to go a step further and use AI to automatically analyze insights from opponents’ past matches.

“We are hoping that SAP’s AI copilot, Joule, will bring enormous benefits in terms of consolidating match reports. That would minimize the manual tasks our match analysts need to complete and reduce the time it takes to get answers to a range of key questions we have when preparing for games,” says Vogelbein. Typical questions are: What patterns are visible in the opposing team in different phases of the match? What does this tell us about the team’s strengths, weaknesses, and about the options we have? “We already have a huge amount of information – particularly qualitative data – available to us before games. SAP Challenger Insights, a component of SAP Sports One, allows us to visualize insights from that information and discuss them with the team. But, looking ahead, AI-driven analyses could help us prepare key background information for our players even more easily,” says Vogelbein.

Clemens and Vogelbein are very pleased with the results so far. “We see enormous potential in our work with SAP on the AI-driven evaluation of information that is relevant for scouting and match analysis. The prototypes SAP has presented to the DFB look very promising, and we are looking forward to using them live soon.”

Top image courtesy of Thomas Böcker

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RHI Magnesita Refines Technology Landscape with RISE with SAP

BARCELONA — SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) announced that RHI Magnesita (LSE: RHIM), has chosen the RISE with SAP solution to rebuild and streamline its technology infrastructure for continued growth in the refractory industry.

SAP Sapphire: Taking Business to the Next Level in the Era of AI

A global leader in refractories, RHI Magnesita provides essential parts of the infrastructure that we use and need in our everyday lives. Supplying high-grade refractory products, systems and solutions, RHI Magnesita has 47 main production sites across the world, and ships its products to more than 100 countries.

With its vision to sustainably manage heat to build a better world, RHI Magnesita needed a technology foundation that would allow end-to-end interaction across its customers, suppliers and business partners across all geographies, end markets and product lines. Choosing to implement a multi-tier landscape consisting of both SAP S/4HANA Cloud Private Edition and SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition, RHI Magnesita is now equipped to redefine all its technology processes and landscape.

Ticiana Kobel, Executive VP Legal & Digital Transformation at RHI Magnesita, stated, “With the revamped digital landscape that we will shape together with SAP, RHI Magnesita will transform into a digitally fortified company, centered around our customers and driven by data. The transition to SAP S/4HANA Cloud marks a pivotal moment in RHI Magnesita’s journey toward unparalleled efficiency, agility, and innovation which will enable us to unlock real-time insights, streamline operations, and enhance decision-making across our global network.”

With SAP S/4HANA Cloud, RHI Magnesita will have one unified view of its operations and supply chain, reducing its infrastructure footprint, and poises itself for better integration of future acquisitions while delivering cost savings. 

“RHI Magnesita is embarking on a true digital transformation that will see the streamlining of several landscapes that will allow it to leverage the cost savings, scalability and flexibility that comes with moving to the cloud,” said Alexander Klaeger, President of SAP MEE. “Already a leader in the industry, I’m excited to see RHI Magnesita use SAP S/4HANA Cloud to sustainably provide infrastructure the world needs.”

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Game On: Business Builders Prepares Future Business Leaders for a Data-Driven World

Imagine entering a virtual classroom where students tackle dynamic, interactive challenges that mirror the complexities of the business world, powered by cutting-edge technology. The Business Builders game, a result of a longstanding partnership between SAP University Alliances and HEC Montréal, is where education meets real-world needs.

SAP Sapphire: Taking Business to the Next Level in the Era of AI

The innovative gaming platform is designed to redefine educational experiences and equip students with the skills they need for a successful career start.

To engage with the platform, users need to be enrolled students or active professors. By offering challenges designed to allow students to experience, analyze, and respond to business scenarios in a safe and controlled environment, the platform aims to enhance their analytical, data storytelling, and decision-making skills. The initiative reflects a shared vision for future-ready education, aligning with the World Economic Forum’s recognition of analytical thinking as a core skill for the future workforce.

“Data visualization is one of the most sought-after skills in the current job market, and our gaming platform equips students with a competitive edge,” shared Karina Montilla Edmonds, global head of Academies and SAP University Alliances at SAP. “By merging learning with gaming, we are driving student engagement while building career-relevant skills. It’s a win-win.”

Gamifying Learning Experience to Shape Future Professionals

Business Builders offers students hands-on experience with SAP Analytics Cloud through immersive, data-driven business challenges that mimic real-world business scenarios. It welcomes learners at all levels of familiarity with SAP, including those with no prior knowledge of data science and programming.

SAP’s “Source from Ukraine” Initiative Boosts Business and Social Responsibility

SAP’s “Source from Ukraine” initiative, launched in March 2023, has a clear goal: to increase spending with Ukrainian companies while also generating business benefits for SAP. This shows SAP’s deep understanding of social responsibility as an integral part of its commitment to a sustainable future.

The initiative aims to activate procurement spend as a means to support Ukrainian suppliers in rebuilding their businesses. Beyond sourcing for quality goods and services, SAP has a focus on integrating ESG (environmental, social, and governance) principles into decision-making as is standard with its procurement policy.

It highlights SAP’s commitment not only to sourcing products from Ukraine, but also to promoting social change.

Built-In Sustainability 

In implementing the initiative to attract more suppliers from Ukraine, SAP initially focused on the IT sector and conducted a rigorous selection process. So far, suppliers, including industry leaders like Softserve, Unicsoft, and Luxoft, have been selected. SAP’s commitment extends beyond services to include product areas, where notable Ukrainian companies producing innovative environmentally sustainable products have been discovered.

SAP is powering equitable access to economic opportunity, education and employment, and the circular economy

At SAP Spend Connect Live in Vienna, Austria, held in October 2023, Ukrainian manufacturers Rekava, Mol’far Tea, and Releaf Paper showcased their sustainable and innovative products. Rekava, for example, specializes in producing biodegradable candles made from recycled coffee grounds, while Mol’far focuses on minimalism and ethical environmental practices in tea production. Releaf Paper is the world’s first manufacturer of paper made from fallen leaves, promoting sustainable products such as paper bags. By supporting these unique Ukrainian companies, SAP is not only contributing to the economic reconstruction of the country, but also sustainability efforts.

One of SAP’s tier one suppliers, ABC Premium, has taken an important step by offering Rekava candles within its purchasing catalog, available to SAP employees on the SAP Ariba Buying solution.

Strong Alliances for Reconstruction

At the outset of the project, the NGO Impact Ukraine helped SAP connect with Ukrainian suppliers. It focuses on microfinance, procurement, and recruitment from Ukraine. The collaboration is facilitated by the voluntary engagement of professionals from the technology, healthcare, and finance sectors. With Impact Ukraine’s support, SAP and other organizations can further advance their goals regarding procurement from Ukraine.

SAP’s commitment to promoting innovation, sustainability, and economic growth through partnerships with Ukrainian companies not only fulfills its aspirations for procurement with purpose, but also contributes to making the world a better place.

Helping the World Run Better 

The “Source for Ukraine” initiative builds on global efforts to integrate social enterprises and diverse suppliers into SAP purchasing opportunities. Beyond SAP’s own internal purchasing efforts, the SAP Corporate Social Responsibility (SAP CSR) team is also investing in social and sustainable procurement ecosystems alongside public, private, and social sector partners like the European Commission, Deloitte, World Economic Forum’s Global Alliance for Social Entrepreneurship, and Social Enterprise World Forum’s People and Planet First verification.

Consider that US$5.3 trillion in annual commerce is transacted on SAP Business Network. If we can help create a small shift in procurement spend to organizations prioritizing people and planet like Releaf Paper, we could collectively increase investment in sustainable development in a way that is not possible through corporate philanthropy alone. To join our efforts, please e-mail:

Elena Parker is chief revenue officer for Intelligent Spend and Business Network, MEE, at SAP.

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Customer Success Keynote Highlights | SAP Sapphire 2024

Discover how SAP empowers businesses with its cutting-edge applications and platform in this keynote highlight. With 300 million users logging into SAP’s cloud solutions daily, the keynote features success stories from major clients like PureTech Scientific, Tropicana, Fresenius, and Hitachi High-Tech. Learn how SAP’s suite of tools drives speed, efficiency, and scalability, offering secure infrastructure and rapid implementation. Tropicana’s adoption of SAP’s Digital Manufacturing Cloud and Sales Cloud exemplifies seamless business transformations. Embrace innovation and business transformation with SAP, as they discuss their impact on global commerce and the essential role of their partner ecosystem in the age of AI.
Watch the replays from the virtual show:
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ABAP CDS Q&A with Authors Renzo Colle, Ralf Dentzer, and Jan Hrastnik

Authors Renzo Colle, Ralf Dentzer, and Jan Hrastnik recently took part in the SAP PRESS Book Club webinar series, where they answered reader questions about CDS and ABAP over the course of an hour. There were so many questions submitted that we couldn’t to get to them all.

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