28 January

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Sage 300 2016 is Released!

Upgrade to Sage 300 2016 today and enjoy streamlined workflows, improved usability, Affordable Care Act compliance, and more. Take advantage of all the new customer-driven enhancements that are included in Sage 300 2016 so you can be even more productive.

Ensure compliance with Affordable Care Act requirements

With Sage 300 2016, you can ensure your company meets the new requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). To address the legislative requirements, a tool called My Workforce Analyzer1 in Sage Payroll 7.2 will help you stay compliant with government regulations.

Assistance with ACA reporting includes:
• Establishing employee work hours.
• Verifying full or part time status.
• Showing health care coverage costs to determine affordability.
• Tracking self-insured employee coverage.
• Reporting employer-sponsored health care coverage on W2 forms.
• Printing forms1094-Cand1095-C.

To learn more about Sage 300 and ACA, please visit the Affordable Care Act center on Sage City.

Sage300C Dashboard

Connect your entire business

Sage 300 is integrated with the latest versions of Sage Payroll (7.2), Sage Intelligence (7.6), and Sage CRM (7.3), allowing you to improve effectiveness and make better decisions across your business.

Enjoy easier posting, reporting, and bank reconciliation

You can now post invoices, receipts, adjustments, refunds, and more directly from the entry screens for GL, AP, AR, and Bank Reconciliation. A significant time saver, you no longer have to run an entire batch to post an individual invoice or receipt.

Add clarity with improved tax tracking reports

When printing the Tax Tracking report by fiscal period, you can now specify a range of fiscal year/periods to include. This allows you to run tax reporting on periods other than the fiscal year to increase flexibility in tax tracking and planning.

Get more from an enhanced Business Care plan

Sage now offers three new Sage Business Care plans, which feature more support options and discounts on services, events, and more as well as access to add-on solutions such as Sage Intelligence, Sage Payroll, and Sage CRM.
Depending upon the plan you choose, you’ll receive enhanced support from our customer support team, which includes:
• Customer support when and how you need it.
• Discounts on Sage training classes for individual and team solution education.
• Discount registration to the Sage Summit annual solution conference.

Along with the enhanced support and discounts, some new plans include additional Sage solutions to help you gain better business insight, forecast demand, and win new business.

Save time when designing reports

When designing custom financial reports using the Sage Intelligence Report Designer with Sage 300, you now can:
• Automatically detect missing accounts from reports.
• Exclude zero value rows from reports to make them easier to read.
• Select dynamic ranges that detect any changes to the General Ledger.

You will also be able to distribute reports with calculated values or with embedded formulas, to see how calculations were made. Plus, additional reports were added to the online library and will automatically be uploaded into Report Manager.

Do contact us regarding the new SAGE 300!

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