Technisoft Service Manager

Simplifies Business Tasks with Technisoft Service Manager for Sage 300

Service Manager links the different aspects of the Service process including:

  • Quotations, Jobs, Invoices, Credits
  • Document Templates
  • Job Planner
  • Labor Scheduling and Dispatch
  • Standard and Recurring Maintenance Jobs
  • Agreement Contracts
  • Warranty, Manufacturer Returns (RMA’s)
  • Serialised Tracking of Equipment and Inventory
  • Metering
  • Model & Equipment History, Rentals
  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Sub Contracting
  • Work In Progress, Profit Analysis, Budgeting
  • Financial Distribution Statistics by Market
  • Notations,Instructions
  • and more….
  • Manage employee resources using “Job Manager”. With drag and drop tools, view workloads, plan ahead, allocate resources, record estimates, & reschedule employees. Adjust estimates with actual times when realized, then retrieve labor directly into Jobs via “Time Manager or Assignment Entry”.
  • Use the time recorder to time bill. Then apply that time directly to a Phase within a Job, or use a “Template” to invoice a customer directly.
  • “Microsoft Explorer” style Header, Phase and Billing Group nodal hierarchy.
  • Track the progress of detail lines. Each Item or Service has (4) quantity fields. Supply, Estimate, Posted to Date and Outstanding quantities.
  • Detail line entry types include Labour, Sub Contractor and Standard Services or Items.
  • Line Entry modes, include Supply, Credit/Return, Credit or Debit monetary adjustments.
  • Enter UPC Codes.
  • Assign Job Status & Job Priority.
  • Equipment Custom Fields, Model Graphics.
  • Fault Analyzer includes Symptoms, Faults, Solutions Knowledge Base and Registry. Assists in the diagnosis and resolution of problems real-time.
  • Apply receipts directly into Accounts Receivable. Auto deduction of Contract/Agreement Cover.
  • Ready to Supply, Posted & Document Totals.
  • Check percentage complete for Job, Phase or Billing Group based on outstanding revenue or cost.
  • Totals accumulate from detail lines. View profitability analysis by Job, Phase or Billing Group.
  • Service Manger incorporates standard ACCPAC® multi currency and language resource libraries. Multi currency totals (by revenue), propagate right through to Job totals in both source and functional currencies.
  • Overhead and Burden can be applied to Job Totals via a choice of allocation methods selected in company options.
  • Identify value of outstanding work and/or back orders.
  • Serial Number Tracking. Warranty Expiry & Manufacturer information.
  • Unlimited Notations that include Objects such as E-mail, Web URL’s, Files of any format registered and “Follow up” Notes.
  • Unlimited Customer Contacts.
  • Work In Progress accounting is a standard feature. Recognize income and related costs for a job at job completion or manually.
  • Set up standard Jobs, Invoices, Quotes and Billing groups that can be used as “Templates”.
  • Create and schedule recurring jobs or maintenance jobs and agreements using powerful scheduling tools.
  • Job and Resource Planners allow you to picture at a glance Jobs in the system and resources allocated respectively. Multiple query tools help to identify trouble spots, find available time slots, plan future requirements, review estimated job completion times, and generally organize & control your business resources effectively with simple to use drag and drop tools.
  • Analyze Job Response, Duration and Efficiency, and view results in a simple to understand graphical environment.
  • Set up special Rates for Services or Employees.
  • Use various Allocation Methods to track Revenue Cost, and Commission information on employees, for detailed reporting and statistical analysis.
  • Use up to (10) definable Customer types to Categorize Customers into Suspects, Prospects, Clients etc…
  • Enter Non stocked items on Quotations for subsequent Inventory validation.
  • Metering and Maintenance of equipment incorporate Actions that can be linked to criteria for Condition testing. Volume readings can be handled quickly and efficiently via a Process Meters function.
  • Labor loading percentages are available to take up labor on costs and other employee contract or award related items.
  • Organize your Customers into Zones by geographic location.
  • RMA’s and Warranty management include shipping information and turn around time, exchange/rotation tracking, fault information, and materials requests.
  • Full Warranty Claims process highlights profitability of Warranty Contracts.
  • Transfer equipment between sites, rentals and inventory (equipment history details are maintained).
  • A complete History Audit is maintained for both Sites and Equipment, empowering Customer Service departments. Includes powerful Query and Filtering tools.
  • Agreements/Contracts can be set up to cover multiple sites, and/or multiple equipment. Specify percentages of cover required, and amortize agreement revenue via a balance sheet account called unearned agreement revenue. Set-up agreements based on Usage. eg. (24)hrs. available.
  • Customize your Forms with “Seagate Crystal Info. Report Writer” the standard reporting tool used for Specification & Transaction Report writing.

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