What is Change Management in Business ERP Implementation

When you are implementing enterprise resource planning it can have a significant effect on how your employees receive the same, on how they perform, on how productive they are, and all these factors will have some effect on how much you earn as a company as well. A lot depends on how well you are able to manage the change your organization is passing through owing to implementation of ERP systems. Quite often your employees might not want any change in any aspect of their work. They could be apprehensive to start with and even resist attempts to install a new ERP system or even upgrading to one.

However, there are a few things that you can always try to make the process smoother than before. The first such effort would be to train your employees. This will help them to get adjusted to the new system on hand and this in turn will make sure that your company does not face any problem related to operation. With proper training their skill sets will increase significantly and they will be in a better place to deal with the new systems. They also become confident as a result and in fact welcome the change when they realize how systems like SAP Business One or Sage 300 ERP can help them in various areas of their work.

Good training enables them to understand how the newly-implemented or upgraded system will help them work better. They also get an idea as to how their roles and job profiles in the company will be affected as a result of the change being brought about by their employers. As a business owner you can also arrange counseling sessions for your employees so as to soothe their worries. When you are implementing these systems there is a distinct possibility that certain positions are no longer needed.

As a result, it may be that the people in question might feel less secure about being able to hold on to their jobs. However, they may have other skills as well as choices. However, this may entail them to work in an absolutely-new environment, with new people and in a new team. This could create problems as well. This is where a counseling session or two can be of so much help. They can actually get a new outlook and their career can thus head in the right direction.

When you are implementing a new ERP system, there could be a significant change in the way you approach your work. No longer will your various divisions be working in seclusion with little connection to others. There would be a greater degree of cohesion and process becomes more important than anything else. It is also important to take into consideration local needs when the ERP systems are being implemented. Any ERP system will standardize your operations. This is why it is important to be aware of specific requirements within your company and cater to them in the best way possible.

You need to keep in mind that one size will not be good for all and your necessities will keep changing even as you think of the different locations where you have offices. It will always be very good if your ERP systems can be adapted as per the local needs of your company’s specific office. You can also hire change agents to manage the system. This will help in making the transition a smooth process. However, it is important that this individual or company should be able to understand the local needs of your company. They should be able to bridge the gap between the employees and higher management by relaying important information.

You should be able to quantify the results so as to be able to set new standards. This is basically the profits that you are looking to earn by implementing the ERP system. Your statistics, facts, and figures should be represented in such a way that all the stakeholders are able to understand the same and are able to work likewise in order to be able to attend the same. There should be no issues in the representation such as language barriers. As soon as the system becomes operational, predicting performance becomes easier than before.

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