Audit Logger

Keep track of staff compliance and governance, to the minute.

Your staffs are your most important asset and the day-to-day decisions with which you entrust them can change the direction of your business operations.

We’ve designed software that provides a holistic and transparent view of your staff’s decisions, accurately pinpointing their actions and transactions.

Such information is not only integral to good decision making and peace of mind for the long term, but the data is also an important way of maintaining control, monitoring compliance and setting standards.

Audit Logger for Sage 300 is an auditing tool that registers all user actions, security alterations and data modifications performed by each specific task, field or system view.

This robust register of information can then be easily analyzed and reported on at a later date for review purposes.

The audit function also captures other user actions performed in Sage 300 such as security settings, batch posting and clearing history.

Audit Logger is available for all editions of Sage 300 and is configured for the following modules:

Administrative Services Accounts Receivable
Common Services Accounts Payable
Bank Services Inventory Control
Tax Services Order Entry
General Ledger Purchase Orders

Audit Logger captures a register of user actions performed against each specific view that can be later analyzed and reported on.

Audit Logger also captures other user actions performed in Sage 300 such as security settings, batch posting & clearing history.

Audit Logger Product Features
  • Captures both before and after details of the audited fields
  • For user actions, logs the parameters and values the processing view was called with
  • Logs authenticated Windows user name, login domain and IP address from the workstation
  • where the change occurred
  • Ignores statistical updates performed by internal posting procedures, a significant performance design feature
  • Dynamically handle module upgrades
  • Supports all Sage Accpac ERP databases
  • Audit data held in Sage Accpac ERP database for absolute integrity if a company is restored
  • or copied Audit Logger records all changes to unlimited

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