SAGE 300 ERP (Accpac)

The main pain point for the small and midsized businesses is that they face a plethora of challenges owing to the unique way in which they operate. With Sage 300 ERP (Accpac) a company is able to impart a definite structure to its operations and integrate different areas of business such as sales, finance, marketing, and operations into a cohesive unit. With this extended enterprise suite one gets the freedom to choose how they wish to integrate and thus increase the levels of their performance.

What it is basically

At its very basic, this enterprise resource planning system is a well-developed one that is capable of handling the operations and accounting processes of small and medium business units. This software makes your company more productive than before, much more than what a back-office solution or an end-to-end product can deliver. With more modules you can actually make your financial systems attain the level of efficiency that you expect them to.

Reliability of service

It provides the sort of reliable service that progressive companies need in order to perform better than the competitors and earn more profits. This ERP software is equipped with commendable capabilities and features in areas such as financial, customer relationship, and operational management.



With the financial, operational, and accounting management tools of Sage 300 ERP one can better manage accounting procedures that would otherwise take up a lot of time and take better care of areas such as financial compliance and accountability. Thanks to the operational modules, a company is able to handle its fulfillment-related processes and inventory much better. This also enables them to establish a fruitful connection between their business delivery and supply chain management.


The customer service, marketing, and sales features of Sage 300 are at par with the rest of the world and this allows its users to get more clients and retain the existing ones. With this software one company can grow as much as it wants to.

How to tailor the software

There are several ways in which the extended enterprise suite can be used to suit the requirements of your company. You can start by opting for the modules that you require. Normally when a company grows it starts facing a greater level of competition and one needs to adapt as quickly and smoothly as possible. These modules will help you perform a wide range of business activities such as operating in an international currency or perform payroll-related activities within the organization itself. You can also create budgets for your projects as well. The modules are actually capable of providing long-term solutions to the problems being faced by your business.

The software can also be used on an onsite basis. You can use it in your office premises or use ERP solutions that are hosted by Sage. In case you want to use this software there is a wide range of choices such as Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Pervasive SQL, and IBM DB2 as far as databases are concerned. In terms of operating systems you can opt from Linux and Microsoft Windows.

You can also design your desktop by using this software and this can be actually done at the level of users. This allows you to reach maximum productivity in terms of the kind of the work that you are doing and – in case you are a business owner – what your owners are doing. As a business owner you can actually control the kind of work that each member of your office will do with Sage 300 ERP. It also has a transaction analysis and optional field creator with which you will be able to provide better definition to your fields. With this particular module there is no limit to the number of optional fields that you will be able to add to the extended enterprise suite. This will also enable to manage your information in a far better way than you are doing right now. With this module you will be able to get the information that is needed to analyze the various practices and operations of your business.

This software can also be in the form of a third-party solution that is capable of working in just the way your industry needs are and actually make your system far better than what it is. This is possible since the organization is presently in partnerships with at least 400 developers who are capable of making and selling applications that make this extended enterprise suite capable of fitting the requirements of any and every industry.


Following are a few benefits of Sage 300 ERP:

  • It can be scaled
  • It is efficient
  • It can be customized
  • It is compatible with CRM
  • It runs on internet
  • It is available in several editions
  • It is convenient to use

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