ODBC Link for ACCPAC Advantage Series

Similar to the ODBC Link for ACCPAC Plus, the ODBC Link for ACCPAC Advantage Series allows you to connect to one or more ACCPAC Advantage Series databases.

Using popular Windows-based products such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, and Crystal Reports; you can gain access to your data in ways never before possible.

With a whole new world of software tools available, you can increase the functionality of your ACCPAC Advantage Series system like never before:

  • Print presentation quality reports (including fonts, graphs, logos, etc.) with Crystal Reports or the database report writer built-in to Microsoft Access.
  • Build custom software systems that can access your ACCPAC Advantage Series data using cost-effective, modern software tools such as Microsoft Access, Borland dBase, Borland Delphi and Microsoft Visual Basic. With the professional version of the ODBC Link for ACCPAC Advantage Series, not only can you read data from the ACCPAC Advantage Series database but you can also update and add new records.
  • Present financial reports jazzed up with ACCPAC Advantage Series with graphs and fonts using Microsoft Excel and Lotus 1-2-3. This turns your ACCPAC Advantage Series database into a complete Executive Information System.
  • Create internet links that can access your live data to show, for example, your inventory levels to prospective customers, or to allow private access to your data through your company’s intranet.

The ODBC Link for ACCPAC Advantage Series allows you to connect to one or more ACCPAC Advantage Series databases.

  • You can now have the best of both worlds!

With Microsoft Level 1 ODBC Conformance, the ODBC Link for ACCPAC Advantage Series turns the ACCPAC proprietary database into an open standard. The ACCPAC Advantage Series database now enjoys access to the widest assortment of tools, programming languages and data retrieval methodologies. ‘Can’t get there from here’ is now a thing of the past!

  • ACCPAC Advantage Discovery Edition
  • ACCPAC Advantage Series Small Business Edition
  • ACCPAC Advantage Series Corporate Edition
  • ACCPAC Advantage Series Enterprise Edition
  • Pervasive.SQL/Btrieve and SQL Server

Read Only – You can only read the data.

Read/Write – You also write to the database.

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