Zippy Notes

ACCPAC Options Zippy Notes empowers your entire staff by allowing you to annotate records in your database, providing additional information about customers, inventory and procedures, helping staff deliver world-class customer service.

ACCPAC Options Zippy Notes allows users to attach an electronic ‘sticky’ note to a field. The note will pop up whenever anyone accesses the field, even across different applications.

ACCPAC Options Zippy Notes ensures that information reaches the people who need it, when they need it. It reduces costly mistakes by giving staff convenient reminders and bits of helpful information. User-specific notes and note filtering offers you even more control over accessing and sharing your critical information.

Notes attached to particular data, such as customer or item number, will show whenever that data is accessed, even across different applications. ACCPAC Options Zippy Notes for Windows can be trained to work with non-ACCPAC applications, so clients can use it to integrate all of their business systems.

ACCPAC Options Zippy Notes is ideal for:

  • sharing information among sales, customer service, inventory management, accounting and production departments.
  • instantly presenting important information such as credit control, stock control or training.
  • posting notes on most forms-based applications.
  • posting notes in multiuser environments.

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