Payment Engine

Payment Engine is a SAP Business One Add-On used to create bank files for incoming (direct debit) or outgoing (bank transfer) payments. The Payment Engine also reads electronic bank statements and allows you to manually process incoming bank statements using Cash and Bank Book.

The Payment Engine consists of three programs:

  1. Create Data Medium Files – for Outgoing Payments, Direct Debits, and Bills of Exchange.
  2. Import External Bank Statements.


Tab based selection:

  • Choose Protocol to view log information.
  • Choose Preview to view the contents of bank files that you create.
  • Choose Payment File to list and view temporary bank files (test run only).
  • Choose Created Files to list and view final bank files (production run only).
  • Make a test or a production run.
  • Payment Engine only selects data from a specific Payment Wizard run.
  • Payment Engine only uses selected lines from the Bill of Exchange
  • Management Deposit form.
  • Plug-in names are defined automatically and separately for each country (in the table OFRM and in the user-defined field Format Name in the Chart of Account).

Create Data Medium

You can create data medium files (bank files) for:

  • Outgoing payments (credit payments)
  • Automatic debits / incoming payments (direct debits)
  • Automatic bill of exchange documents (outgoing bills of exchange)

Import External Bank Statements

You can import electronic bank statements. For more information, see Importing a Bank Statement.

For more information, see Using the Cash and Bank Book.


  • You cannot use Cash and Bank Book if you have previously selected Use Segmentation Accounts in the System Initialization dialog box in SAP Business One (choose Administration ® System Initialization ® Company Details ® Basic Initialization).
  • Note that Cash and Bank Book cannot process multi-currency postings.

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