Workbench: Document Management

DocWorkbench provides an effective and practical tool for the creation and management of all Outbound and Inbound documents. The software is implemented on the desktop as a separate application to Workbench in order to make it available to all staff involved with project related documents and thereby provide a corporate solution for document management.

Features Include
  • Integration to MS Office – Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook.
  • Record and store documents in any file format and view with the native application or compatible viewer.
  • Store and Retrieve documents with an extensive range of user defined criteria including:
  • Extensive search functions on the Workbench database for:
  • Save Emails and Attachments with option to save attachments separately.
  • From MS Outlook use the DocWorkbench search function to locate files to be attached to Outbound Emails.
  • From within MS Office applications email the current document as an attachment.
  • Create Word Documents from templates that contain merge fields from the Workbench database.
  • Mandatory Save fields to ensure the integrity of the document register.
  • User defined conventions for system generated Folder and File Names.
  • User defined Internal References.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Explorer to locate and register files from applications that do not integrate with DocWorkbench.
  • Register Inbound hardcopy documents and record physical file location.

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