Drawing Register

The Workbench Drawing Register provides a formal process for the management of all project based drawings and technical files where strict version control and transmittal administration is required.

Features include:

  • Maintain an unlimited number of Drawings and Revisions per job.
  • Link to electronic file and view using the native application or a compatible viewer.
  • Store and Retrieve drawings with an extensive range of user defined criteria including:
  • Extensive search functions on the Workbench database for:
    • Jobs
    • Companies
    • People
  • Link drawing revisions to Job Issues, Actions and Documents.
  • Record any number of Transmittals per drawing revision.
  • Associate multiple drawings to a single transmittal.
  • Record drawing formats and number of copies per transmittal.
  • Register Inbound hardcopy drawings and record physical file location.

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