Workbench: Project Accounting

Project Accounting is the primary financial ledger for the entire Workbench solution and therefore provides a flexible structure and comprehensive set of functions for recording and reporting on data for all types of projects. With user defined coding structures Workbench can be configured to meet the needs of small, simple jobs as well as large, complex projects.

Features Include
  • Flexible Job and Reporting structures.
  • Period Based Ledger with option to Open or Close individual periods.
  • Detailed analysis of Actual Costs, Commitments and Budgets.
  • Close Jobs to data entry and Archive online.
  • Comprehensive Reporting based on user defined attributes using Crystal Reports.
  • Interfaces to General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable.
  • Personal Timesheet entry online.
  • Variable Selling Rates by Client, Job, Employee, Activity.
  • Transfer Pricing between departments.
  • Productivity Analysis and Reporting against Employee and Profit Centre Budgets.
  • Create Purchase Orders online and send via Fax or Email.
  • Manage and Report outstanding Commitments.
  • Foreign Currency.
  • Interface to Accounts Payable.
  • Capture manually or electronically the use of internal disbursement items (Phones, Couriers, Printing etc).
  • Optional Standard Costs with variable Selling Rates.
  • Interface recoveries to General Ledger.
  • Multiple methods comprising: Time & Disbursements, Schedule of Rates, Fixed Price.
  • Defer, Write Up/Down or Write Off transactions.
  • Flexible Invoice Formats with option to include Word or Excel Objects.
  • Internal Sales between Branches/Departments.
  • Online Creation and Approval.
  • Online Archive with Enquiry and Reprint options.
  • Maintain Debt Collection Notes by Invoice.
  • Report Outstanding Invoices by Client or Job Manager.
  • Interface to Accounts Receivable.
  • Work In Progress.
  • Value WIP – Unbilled Costs, Earned Revenue. % Complete.
  • On screen review and edit function for system generated WIP values.
  • Detailed Reporting.
  • Interface to General Ledger.
  • Maintain and track Job Action Lists by individual and action type.
  • Record all your Contact information for Companies and People.
  • User defined Work Alerts.

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