Lot Tracking

With ACCPAC Options Lot Tracking, you can manage your lot numbers from receipt in PO through OE shipment with full integration. By entering lot numbers during standard transaction processing, you have one point of entry for faster, safer, simpler and smarter lot number management. In addition, Return Maintenance Authorities (RMAs) track the return of lot stock from customers and to the original vendor. This module integrates with ACCPAC’s Purchase Orders, Inventory Control, Order Entry, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.

  • Full integration with Order Entry, Inventory Control and Purchase Orders.
  • An upgrade path for lot tracking for ACCPAC Plus Users.
  • Flexible allocation/generation of lot numbers during PO receipting and OE order entry.
  • A full transaction history, providing the ability to find out where each lot came from and where it went.
  • Comprehensive setup options for total lot inventory control.
  • Web-enabled (version 5.2 and later).
  • Maintains a complete track of lot/batch numbers, providing a full history of the who, what and where of each transaction throughout the life of the lot/batch number.
  • Allows the System Administrator to set the degree of control over data entry of lot/batch numbers, and over the maintenance of the database with multiple set-up options.
  • Drills down to the original transaction when an inquiry option is available in Purchase Orders, or Order Entry.
  • Tracks RMAs from the first contact with an end user. Allows you to receive RMAs from non-customers and add these details to manage the return of stock.
  • Allocates bills of material (BOM) lot/batch numbers at the BOM level. Each master bill of material lot/batch number can be traced to its components. Similarly, components can be traced back through to master items.
  • Tracks quarantine and expiration dates.
  • Includes optional field information such as dates, text and amount fields.
  • ACCPAC Options Lot Tracking is a tracking module and does not affect inventory quantities or costs in any way.

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