Sales Optimizer

Sales Optimizer is a sales planning, analysis and strategy tool designed to help you improve the performance of your business.

Forget report writing and complex data mining tools. Sales Optimizer is your key to unlocking the critical intelligence hidden in the mountain of sales transactions.

  • Test your strategies and check the impact of other factors on your product, customer and sales resources.
  • Review your total sales in any two planes of a four-dimensional transaction view.
  • Focus attention on your top performers.
  • Use “traffic lighting” – an analysis technique designed to quickly highlight good versus poor business performance.
  • Use easy-to-follow wizards to load data manually or from an existing data source.

The Sales Optimizer Summary Screen provides a two-year snapshot of sales performance. This is the perfect place to start off your sales meeting as it gives you a snap shot of what the company has achieved in sales. At the bottom part of the screen you can see a review of the best performing Customers, Products and Salespeople ranked by revenue, units or margin.

Sort both columns and rows on any displayed view and easily rank top performers from best to worst, or vice versa. With Sales Optimizer, sales opportunities are highlighted instantly – for example, why are we not selling our sixth top-selling product to our top two customers?

Use graphs to visually identify trend information on all salespeople, products and customers. Sales Optimizer allows you to graph any two detailed categories – for example, product brand and contents or customer region and product mix.

Cross-sell opportunities, order frequency, loyalty and retention – the Sales Optimizer performance assessment tool instantly provides the critical sales analysis you need. You can analyze questions, such as: why are 46 percent of our customers buying less than ten of our products?

The Focus feature shows us the 80/20 rule. “25% of products and 25% of customers gives us 72% of revenue.” We can move the sliders and find out what combinations of products and customers are crucial to your business revenue or margin.

  • Imports invoice and order data or both
  • Attaches notes to values
  • Conducts variance analysis
  • Exports instantly to Microsoft® Excel
  • ACCPAC Advantage Series(Enterprise, Corporate, Small Business and Discovery* Editions)
  • ACCPAC Pro Series(Enterprise and Small Business Editions)

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