Vendor Number Change

Use Vendor Number Change to easily change, combine, and copy vendor numbers while still maintaining historical transactions.


Change vendor numbers and descriptions quickly and easily. Just type in the new vendor number then post.

A range of vendor numbers can be changed by using the “change by example” option. The format, or structure, of a single vendor number can be changed by selecting the new structure code.


When entering changes on an individual basis, you now have the ability to combine vendor numbers. All information, including history and transactions from the original vendor will be combined into another existing vendor. The original vendor number is removed from the ACCPAC system.


You can copy vendor numbers quickly. Information such as the vendor master file will be copied to the new vendor. The original vendor number information will remain unchanged.


  • ACCPAC Advantage Discovery Edition
  • ACCPAC Advantage Series Small Business Edition
  • ACCPAC Advantage Series Corporate Edition
  • ACCPAC Advantage Series Enterprise Edition
  • Pervasive.SQL/Btrieve and SQL Server

Change Vendor Numbers in These Modules

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