Adapting ERP into your Business Processes with Peace of mind

When you are trying to implement ERP solutions such as Sage 300 or SAP Business One in your company the biggest problem that you will face is in terms of changing the business processes of your company in such a way that they can get used to what is known as an unconventional mode of operation in today’s world. The timing is highly important over here. The same can also be said of customizing ERP in such a way that you can have the edge that you previously had from the point of view of strategic business processes.

The major reason for such a statement is the fact that there are not too many business processes that are sure to provide you a strategic edge over that of your competitors. You will always see that people in your company are resisting this much-needed change. These systems have been created and then maintained following years of observation and appreciation of what works best for individual businesses. It may be so that the way your business works does not conform to ERP principles. This means that it can work even better.

In spite of this, you will be opposed in your company. This is because people will have to do something that they do not wish to do in the first place for the simple reason that it is unlike the way your business is supposed to function. So, the question is how to be successful in this case. For starters, you need to create a mental distance with your peers and friends even if you acknowledge the concerns that they have. On top of this, you need to be sure yourself as to whether the policy that you are following is in the best interests of your company. You need to be strong enough to say no at times.

This is where your strength of character comes into play since such situations can drain you completely from an emotional point of view. At times, your colleagues might come and say that ERP implementation might harm their prospects for the year, you need to stand firm in the face of the storm and retain your faith in the ERP processes. You need to know what the advantages of implementing these systems are going to be. It is also important to be secure in the knowledge that these norms are the best in the business.

With ERP you can be sure that in actuality you are carrying out some corrective measures that have been necessary for a long period of time. This might actually benefit your company in the long term and in more ways than anyone might care to understand. This is where prior education and training are of such importance.

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