SAP Canada Launches Strides for Sustainability Campaign

SAP Canada has initiated a new campaign, Strides for Sustainability, aiming to enhance employee engagement through promoting eco-friendly commuting and wellness practices. In her article, Natalie Sauve, Head of Integrated Communications, Canada at SAP, highlights the importance of cultivating a positive employee culture and engaging teams to inspire their colleagues. As employees return to the […]

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Using a Single SAP System for Stock Transport Order Processes

In this blog post, I’ll show you the main steps to be completed in an SAP system for stock transport order (STO) processes.


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Comparing SAP Cloud ALM and SAP Solution Manager: Why SAP Cloud ALM Is the Future of ALM

Digital transformation has revolutionized business operations, compelling companies to adapt swiftly to new technologies like cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence.

Iren Group Improves IT Service Desk Processes with SAP Build Apps

The leading Italian multiutility company Iren Group follows an ambitious 2030 vision to meet the needs of citizens and territories. It is built upon three strategic pillars: ecological transition, territoriality, and service quality. On its overall innovation path, Iren identified opportunities to improve its IT device assignment, replacement, and return processes.

With one specific device assignment use case in mind and based on its existing relationship with SAP AppHaus, Iren approached SAP in early 2024. The company’s goal was to not only make the corresponding processes more efficient but also eliminate potential error sources; it had detected errors caused by reliance on e-mail communication or through error-prone manual data entry. What’s more, the company wished to have transparent process insights and get real-time updates on device status and availability.

Building on SAP BTP

To work on this innovation step, Iren Group’s IT department asked for expertise support in testing and applying SAP Build Apps. For a first kick-off meeting, the SAP AppHaus team invited Burak Demir, product manager, SAP Build Apps, to join the project. With the customer’s system landscape built on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), the joint project team took a first step to check the SAP Discovery Center site for existing solutions. They encountered a helpful use case in the “Keep the Core Clean Using SAP Build Apps with SAP S/4HANA” mission. The mission allowed them to build upon prior experiences, benefit from existing material, and get helpful guidance that was, to a certain extent, applicable to Iren’s system landscape.

The New Solution: SAP Build Apps and SAP Build Work Zone

The new solution consists of different components, such as SAP Build Apps, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Build Work Zone, as well as the SAP S/4HANA solution for waste and recycling, which provides a platform for managing device records and information.

“My role in this project was to be available for very specific questions,” Demir says. “Iren’s citizen developers did a great job in using and applying the available material and resources! They used SAP Build Apps very successfully to solve one defined use case, which is exactly what the product was made for. And even if the impact of this one web application may not be too impressive yet because of the number of users, the enablement and experience the customer team gained in creating it is invaluable. I am sure it will encourage the team to look for more innovation opportunities that can be addressed with the help of SAP Build Apps.”

Smooth Operations and Transparency in Device Management

With the new web application that was built with SAP Build Apps and deployed to SAP Build Work Zone, Iren gained real-time updates and visibility of device status. The seamless integration with OData library allowed for automatic device creation and updates, eliminating the need for manual data entry. The use of the new solution further improved the accuracy and reliability of device records. What’s more, it brought about significant time savings, enhanced transparency, and much-desired visibility into device status.

“In our IT department, this app has truly improved our device assignment processes by eliminating the manual process via e-mail and automatically importing data from an SAP Build Apps web form into SAP,” Sara Miola, IT specialist at Iren Group, says. “We have achieved significant time savings and increased efficiency, as the time spent has been reduced from several days to few minutes. The implementation of SAP has enabled us to overcome our challenges, resulting in streamlined processes and enhanced device management effectiveness.”

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SAP Datasphere June 2024 – Top New Features and Enhancements

Learn about the updates and feature highlights in June 2024 with SAP Datasphere!
We delivered a large release in June, and these are my top features:
1. Column-level lineage
2. Data Integration & Monitoring
• Transformation flows
• Task Chains
• Replication flows
• Monitoring

Key Moments:
00:14 Column-level lineage
00:39 Transformation flows
00:54 Task chains
01:10 Replication flows
01:30 Monitoring

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Experience the SAP Ariba Shopping App | Effortless Procurement for Materials and Services (+Demo)

Watch this month’s innovation highlight to learn more about the enhanced functionality within the SAP Ariba Shopping application.
The SAP Ariba Shopping mobile app offers employees a convenient way to purchase materials and services for company use while on the go. With this app, employees can easily browse through catalogs from approved vendors and add desired items to their shopping cart. The shopping cart can be conveniently reviewed on both mobile device and desktop before being submitted and further processed in SAP Ariba Buying.

0:00 Intro
0:34 Demo: Typical purchasing experience
2:26 Demo: Non-catalog requisition
3:01 Outro

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Co-op Completes RISE with SAP Migration to Enhance CX

In a significant move aimed at elevating customer experience, Co-op, one of the world’s largest consumer cooperatives, has successfully completed its RISE with SAP migration. This initiative is central to Co-op’s digital transformation strategy, which seeks to standardize business processes, enhance operational efficiency, and support future investments. Founded on principles of fairness and community support, […]

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MAHLE Modernizes On-Premise SAP Landscape with Cloud

The MAHLE Group has opted to transition its entire on-premise SAP landscape to the cloud using RISE with SAP. This move aligns with MAHLE’s vision to redefine the future of mobility and underscores its commitment to innovation in the automotive industry. By integrating SAP S/4HANA Cloud, MAHLE is poised to enhance its ERP processes across […]

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Elevating Diversity & Inclusion: Key Tactics for Success

In today’s corporate landscape, promoting diversity and inclusion (D&I) is not just about meeting quotas – it is about harnessing the full potential of every individual. The Business Women’s Network (BWN) from SAP exemplifies this rationale, employing a multifaceted approach leveraging the power SAP technologies to drive tangible results.

Here are five key focus areas and tactics that support the success of BWN’s D&I program.

Empower Employee Engagement

Organizations can promote employee engagement to advance their D&I strategies by cultivating a culture of inclusivity and belonging, providing opportunities for employee input and participation in decision-making processes, offering D&I training and education, and creating affinity groups or employee resource groups to support underrepresented voices. Additionally, organizations can establish mentorship programs, career development opportunities, and leadership roles for diverse employees to promote their growth and advancement within the company.

Central to BWN’s mission is building and maintaining a vibrant community of engaged members. Through a diverse array of chapter events and initiatives, highlighted in its annual report, BWN facilitates networking, knowledge sharing, and skills development opportunities. By organizing over 543 chapter events globally in 2023, BWN has successfully engaged over 19,000 members, driving robust engagement across the organization. This effort not only amplifies the voices of women and our allies but also cultivates a culture of inclusivity and collaboration. This is highly valued by Supriya Jha, chief diversity & inclusion officer at SAP: “The Business Women’s Network has accelerated SAP’s journey toward its gender parity goal, which is a high priority within our overarching diversity and inclusion strategy. What makes BWN’s contributions to gender equality so impactful is its focus on business outcomes and elevation of SAP as a responsible organization that drives positive change and opportunities for all.”

Leverage SAP Technology to Achieve KPIs

SAP can help organizations advance their D&I strategies by providing tools and applications that can enable organizations to track and measure diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, such as employee demographics and compensation data. Our solutions also help identify areas for improvement, create inclusive workplace cultures, and promote awareness and education on D&I topics. Additionally, SAP solutions can help organizations develop and implement D&I policies and initiatives, as well as build a listening program that collects feedback from employees in the flow of work, enabling them to monitor progress and report on their D&I goals and outcomes.

It’s time to run a world where our differences are celebrated, equity is fostered, and everyone belongs

BWN strategically utilizes SAP solutions to help streamline operations and achieve key performance indicators (KPIs). Leveraging SAP Fiori apps, BWN can simplify the membership onboarding process, helping to ensure a seamless experience for new members. SAP Datasphere enables the creation of a robust analytics dashboard, providing valuable insights into member engagement and program effectiveness. With SAP SuccessFactors HCM, BWN gains access to comprehensive member data, facilitating targeted career development initiatives. Moreover, SAP employee experience management solutions by Qualtrics empowers BWN to understand key drivers of employee engagement, including D&I, to improve employee experience through data-driven insights and action planning.

Promote Career Development

To truly make opportunities meaningful for everyone, employees need to be skilled and ready for increasingly demanding roles and growth. That is why an organization’s D&I programs must include targeted programs to support the advancement of skills, especially for underrepresented groups, as well as create a culture that values and supports diversity in leadership positions. To enable this reality, organizations must implement inclusive recruitment and promotion practices, set diversity goals, and provide resources for employees to learn about distinct cultures and perspectives.

BWN’s efforts are an outstanding illustration of this commitment, as it strives to advance the careers of its members through mentorship and professional development initiatives. With over 55% of members participating in mentorship programs, BWN empowers individuals to reach their full potential. By providing access to role-specific data and development plans through SAP SuccessFactors HCM, BWN facilitates personalized career growth opportunities, contributing to a more diverse and skilled workforce.

Foster Allyship and Partnerships

To achieve gender parity, we must view it as a collective effort. Organizations play a crucial role in encouraging allyship and forming partnerships to advance D&I strategies. Leveraging online platforms and communication tools can bridge geographical gaps, connecting employees and facilitating open dialogues about diversity and inclusion. Training and resources on allyship, unconscious bias, and inclusive leadership allow employees to gain a deeper understanding of D&I issues. Equally vital is the need for organizations to learn from peers and other industries players’ best practices related to D&I.

Recognizing the importance of allyship and collaboration, BWN actively engages male allies, partners, and customers to drive meaningful change. With 13.5% of its membership comprising of men – a 4% increase since 2022 – BWN cultivates a culture of inclusivity and mutual support. Moreover, through collaborative events with other Employee Network Groups and internal SAP groups, BWN promotes intersectionality and solidarity within the organization, amplifying its impact beyond borders.

Use AI to Break Bias

Recognizing the inherent biases that can impede progress, organizations must harness the power of AI to ensure fair and equitable treatment of all employees. AI offers numerous avenues for breaking bias within organizations. A notable example is the implementation of AI-driven recruitment and promotion processes, which minimize unconscious biases, allowing talent to shine irrespective of gender or background. It is also possible to standardize the interview process, reducing bias by providing structured questions and evaluation criteria. Anonymized decision-making, facilitated by AI, removes identifying information from candidate profiles, preventing unconscious biases from influencing outcomes. Through the responsible and ethical use of AI technology, organizations can leverage its capabilities to create fairer and more equitable workplaces where diversity thrives. This approach not only promotes inclusivity but also enhances the quality of decision-making, leading to a more diverse and innovative workforce.

By embracing these key focus areas and tactics, BWN continues to inspire change, create opportunities, and thrive together, driving SAP’s success and building a more equitable future for all. This is supported by its recent awards, including the prestigious 20th annual Stevie® Silver Awards for Women in Business for Achievement in Developing and Promoting Women, which is a testament to the exceptional efforts and contributions made by BWN in advancing gender equality and promoting women’s leadership within SAP, and the ERG Impact Award honorable mention, which recognizes the outstanding contributions and influence of employee resource groups (ERGs) in driving positive organizational change and promoting an inclusive workplace culture.

BWN’s commitment to diversity and inclusion sets a benchmark for excellence in the corporate world. Together, we elevate possibilities and inspire realities, paving the way for a more inclusive and prosperous future.

Mayara Alves Tabone is global product marketing specialist at SAP SuccessFactors and BWN global communications director.

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