Expanded SAP Preferred Success Services Fast-Track the Value of Cloud ERP

Navigating disruption and uncertainty is always daunting, especially in economies and industries that evolve at different speeds. The influences of AI, post-globalization trends, regulatory changes, constrained capital, and other factors are impacting every region and industry, albeit at different rates and levels of severity.

By using any of a variety of SAP Preferred Success services when implementing and adopting SAP S/4HANA Cloud, customers can strategically and effectively handle each change. Their efforts include 44% improved user experiences, 40% faster incident resolution, 38% better enablement and upskilling, and 38% faster time to value from their technology investments, according to a Forrester Consulting analysis.

And now, with the latest offering for SAP Preferred Success, customers are going beyond navigating turbulence. They can also maximize opportunities, reduce risks, and understand how dynamic economic and market forces impact their long-term success.

Introducing SAP Preferred Success for RISE with SAP, premium

The SAP Preferred Success service for RISE with SAP, premium can deliver more guidance and insight to help accelerate and optimize the value of the cloud ERP journey, in addition to the foundational services of SAP Preferred Success.

With personalized services designed to meet unique business needs proactively, customers can realize benefits, including:

  • Improved productivity with access to SAP knowledge and best practices
  • Accelerated ROI with tailored guidance and expert support to organize SAP solutions faster and more efficiently
  • Fewer risks by following best practice recommendations that minimize system disruptions and help ensure smooth operations
  • Better alignment by matching SAP solutions with organization goals, capitalizing on the features and innovations of every release
  • Higher efficiency by consistently fine-tuning and providing personalized recommendations aligned with specific business value drivers

For customers such as Kyocera Document Solutions Australia (Kyocera), SAP Preferred Success helps create a solid foundation for modernizing business operations. “Using SAP Preferred Success enabled us to accelerate the business acceptance of change and drive a continuous improvement landscape. It has provided an avenue to reevaluate our processes and create a more efficient business,” states Rohan Higgins, chief financial officer of Kyocera Document Solutions.

As a result of the quality and caliber of the SAP expertise and active engagement, Kyocera has successfully moved 100% of its ERP processes to the cloud, leading to zero manual touchpoints across its forecasting processes. Other customers have realized additional benefits, such as more efficient business processes, smaller database sizes, infrastructure simplification, and reduction of cost centers.

A personalized, proactive partnership for the lifetime of your cloud solution

SAP Preferred Success for RISE with SAP, premium can provide additional elements for modernizing business operations, including:

  • A dedicated, named enterprise adoption expert with a strong technical and functional background, who can provide expertise and help orchestrate how-to conversations supporting the build of outcome-focused plans
  • Assistance and guidance based on recommended best practices to help increase the customer’s understanding of its business processes and how the solution is being used
  • Ongoing innovation and transformation through continuous review of the customer’s calendar and plans – including the adoption of entitlements, such as business AI, sustainability, intelligent technologies exploration, and process management
  • Clean core guidance and quality checks for each project phase to help ensure the customer can leverage existing and future innovations within RISE with SAP

With a dedicated focus on sustainability exploration, SAP Preferred Success for RISE with SAP, premium helps ensure that businesses can embrace a more sustainable future while driving growth and success in the digital age. By leveraging the comprehensive suite of tools and resources provided by SAP and orchestrated by an enterprise adoption expert, organizations can navigate their sustainability initiatives with confidence and precision.

SAP Preferred Success for RISE with SAP, premium also offers a unique avenue for harnessing the transformative power of AI with cloud ERP. Through a tailored approach, customers are guided by seasoned enterprise adoption experts facilitating a comprehensive exploration of business AI. Customers are then empowered to innovate, automate, and optimize their business processes using the cutting-edge AI capabilities seamlessly integrated into the SAP ecosystem.

Access to such a wealth of products, tools, and frameworks gives invaluable insights on configuring and customizing AI solutions to suit unique needs. By leveraging built-in AI capabilities from SAP, customers are not only equipped to streamline operations but also to drive innovation and achieve sustained growth in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Accelerating Competitive Outcomes from Cloud ERP

As businesses continue to compete in an ever-evolving landscape, the need for innovative solutions that drive growth and efficiency has never been more critical. And SAP Preferred Success for RISE with SAP, premium is ready to help, offering the functional and technical guidance, personalized services, and ongoing support necessary to realize the full potential of the cloud.

As demonstrated by success stories worldwide, including that of Kyocera, SAP Preferred Success for RISE with SAP, premium is helping customers not only adapt to change but also seize new opportunities for growth. This service is not just a solution; it’s a strategic partnership that can empower organizations to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

Ready to amplify the impact of your cloud ERP transformation? Visit us online or contact your local SAP representative to learn more about SAP Preferred Success for RISE with SAP, premium.

Mine Ecevit is cloud ERP lead for Cloudified Services Sales and Go to Market at SAP.

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