300 Days of Sun: Lebanon’s Path to Sustainable and Renewable Energy | Roads to Regeneration

Faced with precarious access to electricity, one historic village in Lebanon harnesses the power of solar energy in a nation that receives abundant sunlight. Through the lens of an opera singer, a tailor and an environmental activist, we witness how community members seize this opportunity to become independent from private generators, instead installing new and innovative technologies that sustain both everyday life and the planet.
Watch the full version: : https://sap.to/6059urS2x

Roads to Regeneration is a compilation of eight inspirational short documentaries showcasing innovative ideas from everyday people around the world who seek to make life more sustainable, equitable and hopeful for everyone – one change or idea at a time.
Driven by an interest in capturing compelling, real-life stories to drive conversation and engagement around the interconnected issues of climate, nature and inequality around the world, SAP established the SAP Filmmaker Fund with the largest documentary film festival and market in North America, Hot Docs.

Over the past 30 years, Hot Docs has earned an internationally renowned reputation for curating the best docs the world has to offer and forging relationships with celebrated filmmakers. Together with the filmmakers, SAP and Hot Docs partnered in producing eight short films for their first series, Roads to Regeneration – a curated collection of inspirational, short documentaries addressing the global challenges and opportunities that individuals, communities, and organizations face in achieving zero emissions, waste, and inequality.

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