RISE with SAP – Talk: Warum die Cloud-Transformation der Beginn einer neuen Ära ist (German)

Im #RISEwithSAP Talk sprechen Christian Straub, der Head of Customer Advisory SAP #S4HANA and Finance, und Alexander Michnov, Head of Strategic Sales RISE, über die Bedeutung von einem modularen Cloud ERP.

Mit der modularen Cloud ERP als Zielbild, bietet SAP Flexibilität und maximale Standardisierung. Aus Sicht des Fachbereichsliegt der Fokus ganz klar auf dem Prozess Mindset. Als Zielbild sieht er ein selbstoptimierendes Unternehmen und dadurch auch eine stärkere analytische Sicht. Cloud ist der Wandel in eine neue Ära und bietet Vorteile für die IT aber auch für den Fachbereich.


Tomorrow is Now | Live Discussions on Sustainability | SAP Sustainability Forum 2023

Right here, right now, be a part of the crucial conversation on accessible #CarbonData. Join us for our live broadcast, as we explore innovative sustainability strategies and solutions, learn from real-world success stories and discuss technology’s role in reducing carbon emissions.
Stay tuned for inspiring speakers from INTEL, Girteka, Fitcoin, Amista, and SAP, as they share their insights on how we can collectively make a positive impact and pave the way for a greener future.
Join the conversation and be part of this journey towards a more sustainable world.
Tomorrow is Now.
🌳 “To mark the occasion and to honour your participation, SAP will plant a tree for every individual attending the SAP Sustainability Forum 2023. 🌳

Click here to discover more https://sap.to/6059umr03

SAP TechEd 2023: Explore the Latest Innovations

SAP announces SAP Build Code, SAP HANA Cloud Vector Engine, and many more innovations at TechEd 2023. Tune in and hear more from SAP’s Juergen Mueller.

Get all the News from SAP TechEd 2023: https://www.sap.com/events/teched/news-guide/table-of-contents.html

00:00 Announcing SAP Build Code
00:18 TechEd Highlights
00:52 What’s SAP Build Code?
01:04 What’s New with SAP Build Code?

SAP introduces their latest innovations at TechEd 2023. Discover SAP Build Code, a new addition to the SAP Build family, empowering professional developers. Highlight number two is the SAP HANA Cloud Vector Engine, enabling the integration of Large Language Models with real-time data and business processes. Lastly, explore the Generative AI Hub, simplifying and transforming the way you access AI, making it user-friendly and efficient. Join us for exclusive insights from SAP’s Juergen Mueller as he discusses these game-changing advancements. Stay tuned for more updates from SAP TechEd 2023!

SAP Build Code – Generative AI-based Development with Joule

SAP Build Code helps developers build faster, build smoother, build easier. Use Joule, the AI copilot that understands your business, to create code,. This is the productivity solution JavaScript and Java developers have been waiting for.
To learn more:

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Neues aus der Handelsecke: Der Kunde im Mittelpunkt (German)

Bessere Einkaufserlebnisse, höhere Kundenzufriedenheit: In dieser Handelsecke-Folge mit Systemdemo dreht sich alles um das Thema Customer Centricity im Online-Handel.
Weitere Infos und Inspirationen zu SAP für den Handel finden Sie unter: https://sap.to/6050uYTvY

The AI Revolution: Insights from Top Experts in Science & Industry

Join us in this captivating exploration of AI’s diverse landscape and its profound impact on science and industry. Discover the excitement surrounding machine learning and large language models, and learn how SAP’s unique approach combines these technologies with its vast data resources. Our expert panel, featuring pioneers like Vinton G. Cerf and leaders from SAP, discusses the potential and challenges of AI. From fostering ethical AI development to revolutionizing healthcare, this video unveils the power of AI in shaping the future. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain insights from top experts in the field

🔹Vinton G. Cerf, known as one of the Internet’s founding fathers, Vice President, and Chief Evangelist for Google, highlights the significant challenge that AI must overcome and discussed the promising use cases of AI.

🔹Philipp Herzig, Senior Vice President, Head of Cross Product Engineering & Experience at SAP SE, emphasized how SAP is uniquely positioned to leverage AI’s power by bringing AI together with data.

🔹Katharina Schaefer, Global Head of SAP University Alliances at SAP SE, underlines the importance of SAP’s collaboration with academia to enhance and develop AI technologies in a manner that aligns with ethical standards.

🔹Yasmeen George, Lecturer of Data Science & AI at Monash Information Technology, focuses on the application of AI in healthcare. She discusses its role in diagnosing and treating diseases and the challenges it presents.

Learn more about SAP University Alliances: https://sap.to/6059u5g8S
#sap #ai #ml

Unlock the Future: Register Now for #SAPTechEd ! 2-3 Nov 2023 | Free Learning | sapteched.com

🚀Join Us: https://sap.to/6054u90Em
🔊After just two days, you’ll leave better equipped with the skills that help you tackle challenges and find the solutions to bring your ideas to life. Learn about the latest advances in technologies such as generative AI, developer tools, and best practices for using innovative SAP solutions to help ensure you have the skills to stay relevant and the knowledge to remain one step ahead.

20+ Years of Teaching SAP – 🍵University Alliances Professor Spills the Tea | AHA moments

🍵 After over two decades of schooling SAP, Simha Magal, SAP Champion, Professor at Georgia State University – J. Mack Robinson College of Business, is ready to spill the tea ☕ on his ‘AHA’ moments, what makes our community special, and his wildest wishes for the future!
🚀 Get ready for a fun-filled journey through SAP wisdom, witty revelations, and a sprinkle of magic dust for the tech-hungry souls. Don’t miss this sip-tastic adventure!”
Ready to learn more about our SAP University Alliances community?
👉 https://sap.to/6051uk3PV

0:33 AHA moments?
2:13 What makes the SAP University Alliance different ?
2:40 What should the future look like?
3:38 What are his pet peeves, and what are his most fervent desires?

#sapnextgen #style #freecourse #freelearning #university #sap

Developer Keynote | SAP TechEd in 2023 | Join the Live Broadcast!

Commemorate 20 Years of SAP Community: Innovation, Collaboration, Growth! https://www.sap.com/events/teched.html

Join us for a nostalgic journey honoring two decades of SAP Community. Hang out with our developer advocates to explore how transformative technologies like AI, cloud computing, and terminal technology have revolutionized the developer landscape.

Business Application Keynote | SAP TechEd in 2023 | Join the Live Broadcast!

Discover SAP Business AI technology integrated into our applications. https://www.sap.com/events/teched.html

Gain insights into seamless business processes and user experiences that form the basis of embedded AI. Learn how these capabilities flexibly adapt to your business needs. Stay at the forefront and stay informed about the latest updates to enhance your organization’s performance.

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