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As announced at Sapphire 2024, SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Concur Expense capabilities are now natively integrated and available to all our GROW with SAP customers. With our best-of-breed solutions put together into a best of suite, we allow you to focus on driving true digital transformation. Watch Sinit Foto demo product capabilities of SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Concur and SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition.
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SAP Security Patches for July 2024 Include High-Priority Fixes

SAP security patches have been released for July 2024, bringing essential updates and fixes to various SAP solutions. In July, SAP released eighteen new and updated security patches, including two high-priority notes. Thomas Fritsch, Manager of Content and Technical Research at Onapsis, emphasizes the importance of addressing these vulnerabilities promptly to ensure system security and […]

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Supporting non-SAP Billing Documents using SAP Document and Reporting Compliance

Discover how you can effortlessly generate and manage legally compliant electronic invoices using SAP Document and Reporting Compliance, even if your billing documents are managed in non-SAP systems. Watch how the integration ensures seamless communication with tax authorities, automatic status updates, and a unified dashboard for monitoring and error review. Stay tuned and visit for more details.
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How AI Is Helping Defeat Infant Blindness in India

In the expanses of India, where healthcare resources can be limited, the use of AI technology from SAP and CleaVision is casting a ray of hope for newborn babies vulnerable to Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP), a condition that – if left untreated – can lead to irreversible blindness. This groundbreaking combination of medicine and technology provides a tangible solution to prevent blindness in newborns across India.

ROP is a disease that affects premature babies and impacts India significantly, since the country has more than 3 million babies born premature every year, the highest number in the world. “About 25% to 40% of these babies have a risk of developing ROP,” says Dr. Anand Vinekar, head of the Department of Pediatric Retina at Narayana Nethralaya Eye Institute in Bangalore and the founder of KIDROP, a program working to address the problem of ROP in rural India.

Blindness from ROP is largely preventable if identified and treated within the first weeks of birth. But while the screening itself is not difficult for a trained provider, the challenge of detecting ROP in millions of premature babies is profound. Each preterm infant must be screened multiple times during the critical period, equating to upwards of 20 million exams per year if every preterm baby is screened, Dr. Vinekar says.

The vast distances that many families in India live from hospitals, combined with a critical shortage of specialized doctors, make this a nearly impossible task using current methods. However, KIDROP, CleaVision, and SAP are using AI to help bridge this gap and offer a lifeline to infants like Hanvith C.

SAP Commits to Expanding Open Source Innovation with New Open Source Manifesto

SAP is proud to announce the publication of its open source manifesto, reinforcing our commitment to open source principles and community engagement.

The manifesto aligns with SAP’s established presence as a key contributor to open source: SAP currently ranks as one of the top ten commercial contributors globally on GitHub in the OSCI.  

Expanding open source innovation

Open Innovation and Collaboration 

“Our open source manifesto is more than a declaration of our current contributions; it’s a promise to continue driving open innovation and collaboration at a significant scale,” said Juergen Mueller, chief technology officer and member of the Executive Board of SAP SE. “By embracing open source, we not only accelerate our own innovation but also empower our customers and partners to build on a foundation of transparency, security, and shared success.” 

SAP’s commitment to open source is evidenced by its leading role and active participation in pivotal projects like OpenUI5 and OpenJDK/SapMachine that influence digital innovation, as well as by SAP’s active participation in leading open source initiatives and foundations like Open Invention Network, Eclipse Foundation, Linux Foundation Europe, and Cloud Foundry.  

We believe that open source serves as a driving force for great technology, allowing global minds to work together, share ideas, and further advance our collective development. 

Open Reference Architecture Project 

The manifesto coincides with SAP’s participation in the Open Reference Architecture project under the EU’s IPCEI-CIS initiative, exemplifying SAP’s support for digital sovereignty in cloud infrastructure and services. This project’s development, contributed as open source, showcases SAP’s transparent approach to fostering community-led growth and innovation. 

Martin Georg Fassunge, project lead of Open Reference Architecture project, SAP BTP, confirms the importance of open source for this project: “Our participation in the IPCEI-CIS initiative signifies our commitment to supporting Europe’s digital transformation by providing open, secure, and scalable solutions. With our open source approach, we aim to foster an environment of collective growth and innovation.” 

SAP’s Open Source Engagement in Cloud-Native Development 

In accordance with the Open Reference Architecture project, SAP leads several open source, cloud-native projects, such as Gardener, GardenLinux, Open Resource Discovery (ORD), and Open Component Model (OCM), all aimed at encouraging an open community of external contributors and adopters.  

We are committed to empowering our employees with training, guidelines, and tools. We also support our ecosystem by sharing best practices and expertise via webinars, our podcast series The Open Source Way, and community events. Come visit us at our booth at KubeCon North America to learn more about our cloud-native open source projects. 

Looking Ahead 

With the publication of the open source manifesto and the start of our Open Reference Architecture project, we are excited to enter the next phase of our open source journey together with the open source community, our customers, and our partners.  

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Michael Ameling is EVP and head of Intelligent Enterprise and chief product officer for SAP BTP.

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Roca Group Transforms by Migrating to SAP S/4HANA

Roca Group, a global leader in bathroom fixtures and design, is embracing a new era of digital transformation by migrating to SAP S/4HANA. This strategic move aims to integrate and standardize its IT systems, paving the way for enhanced operational efficiency and real-time, data-driven decision-making. Founded over a century ago, Roca Group has established itself […]

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SAP Named a Leader in B2B and B2C IDC Digital Commerce Reports

The SAP Commerce Cloud solution has been a resounding commercial success since its launch in 2018. Today it enables thousands of global companies across over 25 industries and more than 65 countries to process hundreds of billions of euros of GMV securely and reliably. During the holiday season alone, we helped companies process up to US$110M in gross merchandising value per minute with 100% uptime.

While the solution’s functional breadth and depth is well documented, SAP’s primary focus leading up to 2022 was platform modernization. This focus was necessary to make sure that our customers, as well as SAP Commerce Cloud, were set up for long-term success. As a result of that focus, SAP ranked as a major player in the IDC B2C Digital Commerce Report back in 2020. While the modernization journey is truly never-ending, we have clearly turned a corner on that front.

During the last 24 months, this has allowed SAP to focus its investments on functional innovations that can drive measurable business results – including in generative AI – and in 2023 alone SAP delivered over 150 of them. As a result of both modernization and functional innovations, we are delighted to share that SAP has regained leadership in both the IDC B2B and B2C Digital Commerce Reports in 2024. IDC isn’t the only analyst that is paying attention, as Gartner has also improved SAP’s position in the Leader quadrant in 2023 relative to competitors, after a couple of years of a widening gap.

Drive profitable outcomes with connected, insightful, and adaptive commerce experiences

How did we do it? Knowing that if our customers win, we win, we listened and executed relentlessly. Our enterprise customers run some of the largest commerce deployments on the globe, and they told us in no uncertain terms that they needed a platform that solved their very complex commerce challenges with the utmost flexibility, but not at the cost of agility or TCO. As a consequence, we made a long-term commitment towards modernization by advocating for and adopting pragmatic composability to help our customers evolve on their digital transformation journey, no matter where they are from a digital maturity perspective. We accelerated innovation for SAP Commerce Cloud through an all-cloud deployment model with continuous innovation across all commerce areas including headless, API- and event-based architecture, composable storefronts, modern microservices-based implementation of core areas such as payments, promotions, order management, sourcing, and inventory availability, and more.

Here are some of the innovation highlights that we have communicated recently and that help our customers succeed at critical points in the customer experience they are trying to deliver.

Generative AI

For many years, AI in commerce has been about personalizing the customer experience to increase loyalty and profitability. While this remains true and important, generative AI is opening more ways to empower commerce teams to remove mundane tasks and work more efficiently, with the end results of connecting customers more quickly with the products they’re looking for. 

To leverage AI for better outcomes, SAP utilizes its wealth of operational and experiential data, along with third-party data, to help provide the holistic view our customers need. For SAP Commerce Cloud, a new set of AI tools has been made available to help supercharge catalog management and product discovery. Many commerce managers know the difficulty and mundaneness of keeping up with catalog hygiene. Although this task is arduous, it’s critical for product visibility and discoverability. Our set of AI capabilities within SAP Commerce Cloud can review product tags and catalogs, generate and customize product descriptions, embed supplemental technologies such as machine vision, and guide customers to the right choice for their needs. 

Order Management Systems

A connected enterprise is a prerequisite to delivering seamless and delightful customer experiences. Acting as the central nervous system and connective tissue of unified commerce, order management systems enable orchestration of orders from order placement to fulfillment and delivery.

At NRF, we announced new retail capabilities through SAP Order Management Services, including the SAP Order Management solution for sourcing and availability as well as SAP Order Management foundation. With these modular solutions, organizations can create frictionless omnichannel experiences that can respond to business events, such as fraud holds, delivery, or in-store pickup, and determine the optimal sourcing strategies to deliver customer satisfaction while protecting margins and optimizing organizational business outcomes.

Open Payment Framework

With our latest announcement at Shoptalk, we are working to help accelerate our customers’ time-to-market with the open payment framework for SAP Commerce Cloud. This packaged business framework can connect SAP Commerce Cloud via low-code or no-code with third-party payment service providers, including Stripe, Adyen, WorldPay, and Airwallex – with numerous more planned for the future. This modular, extensible, headless framework helps give power back to retailers to pick their own payment partners based on their needs, whether local or abroad. Organizations can be equipped to scale faster and avoid being confined to a single provider, making wrangling multiple connectors and manual flow mapping a thing of the past.

Front-End Framework Modernization

Digital experience composition, as Gartner puts it, is the new frontier in commerce composability that leverages agile API orchestration and front-end as a service to deliver personalized experiences in a unified way. Our vast ecosystem of best-in-breed partners helps us provide a strong digital experience composition, so that customers can deliver the experiences that their customers want. We continue to grow our partner ecosystem as the market evolves and new technologies emerge, striving to provide multi-business model, multi-market, and multi-industry coverage.

Commitment to Sustainability

Part of SAP’s mission is to provide the tools to empower our customers to attain their sustainability objectives. That commitment extends to SAP Commerce Cloud, as we offer a recommerce module to embrace new circular business models and help the world reduce retail waste. SAP Recommerce caters primarily to retailers to help digitally create processes to introduce consumer excess as well as restored, returned, and used products back into the market, creating a circular revenue stream to help drive additional growth.

As we continue our commerce journey, we are working with our customers to help ensure that they can innovate their businesses with speed and pivot when the market demands it. Customers like Roche are able to step into the future with software monetization platforms, powered by integrations with SAP Commerce Cloud.

Roche is a leading multinational Swiss healthcare company that provides cancer treatments around the world. To transform the patient journey, Roche adopted digital solutions that can empower people to manage their health better, allow healthcare providers to confidently diagnose and treat diseases, and help healthcare institutions unlock greater efficiency. With SAP Commerce Cloud, integrated with SAP Subscription Billing and SAP Entitlement Management, Roche was able to propel itself into the future by enabling the commercialization of its digital products, removing manual interventions, allowing customers to upgrade or downgrade subscriptions via a self-service portal, and providing product managers the ability to quickly develop, test, and deploy ideas among broad ranges of business models. All this only took Roche four and a half months to go live in three countries and 13 more within the year.

“If we want to be customer-oriented and efficient, a software monetization platform is a key enabler. It is indispensable for serving, fulfilling, and servicing digital products in a scalable way, laying the foundation for our future business.”

Moritz Hartmann, Global Head of Roche Information Solutions

We invite you to learn more and reach out to see how SAP Commerce Cloud helps deliver profitable digital commerce growth, from discovery to delivery and beyond. Check out our latest blog on our Q1 2024 release highlights.

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Showcasing How SAP Works Together with Our Customers to Bring Out Their Best

Last week in Barcelona, during SAP Sapphire in 2024, I had the honor of inviting several SAP customers on stage to share their stories of business transformations. One of them was Rob Coombe, CIO of Royal Eswatini Sugar (RES). He spoke about his company’s journey in the public cloud and how it has enabled them to adopt a company-wide digital mindset, save 14% to 18% on their costs, and attract new graduates to work in their remote operations, among other benefits.  

But what struck me the most was his simple answer to my question about his advice for others in helping them make the case for change. He said, why change? This is the wrong question to ask. The better question is, why not change?  

RES’s story and the many others shared by SAP customers at SAP Sapphire Orlando and Barcelona reminded me of an essential truth about business transformations in the age of generative AI. While the solutions and technologies are impressive, the stories of business value and business results matter the most.  

During those two weeks, SAP showed over 25,000 customers, partners, analysts, and media members, both on-site and online, how we support businesses to bring out their best. We announced new AI-embedded solutions within our apps, including expanding our generative AI copilot Joule throughout our enterprise portfolio, and expanded collaborations and partnerships with AWS, Microsoft, Google Cloud, Meta, Mistral AI, and NVIDIA to deliver even more value for our customers. 

SAP Enters into Agreement to Acquire WalkMe

We also announced our intention to acquire WalkMe with its state-of-the-art digital adoption platform. Along with SAP Signavio to manage processes and SAP LeanIX to manage enterprise architecture, with WalkMe to guide user adoption we will soon have a best-in-class transformation portfolio and help our customers maximize the value of their cloud investments with SAP and continue driving tangible results for their business. 

When it comes to the value our customers are getting from our solutions, the stats don’t lie. For example, customers who chose RISE with SAP have outperformed the market in revenue growth by 7%. Solutions like Taulia are helping businesses unlock the power of their working capital to fuel growth and drive innovation, with customers seeing their free cash flows improve by more than US$1 billion. 

When we look across our total customer base and our entire portfolio of solutions, over the coming years we expect to see our customers experience approximately $2.4 trillion in economic savings, around $5.4 trillion in increased revenue, and a double-digit increase in their employee satisfaction, allowing them to retain talent and reduce churn. 

But my favorite part of SAP Sapphire every year is hearing customers tell their stories in their own words. To me, that’s the real magic of SAP Sapphire.  

In Orlando, we heard from Brian Hardee of PureTech Scientific about the impact the public cloud has had on helping them scale up quickly as a standalone business, especially in the life sciences industry where data is everything. Jeff Lischett of Tropicana Brands Group talked about how RISE with SAP gives them newfound speed and agility from a modern ERP to drive growth and set themselves up for success with business AI. Ingo Elfering of Fresenius spoke about the company’s technical implementation of RISE with SAP and how it’s given them simpler processes and a modern base for innovation and change. Takuya Sakai of Hitachi High Tech talked about the value that operating from a clean core has for their business by helping them simplify their processes and gain a competitive advantage.    

Then, in Barcelona, Elisabet Braza Valle of González Byass talked about how her nearly 200-year-old company, famous for producing sherry in Spain, is giving back to the land by putting sustainability front and center at every stage of its operations, thanks to SAP solutions. Özlem Altinişik of Martur Fompak talked about their RISE with SAP implementation, which they called Project Inspire because they saw the offering as a platform for growth and continuous improvement for the future. Ashish Agrawal of KONE spoke about how their embrace of a clean core has enabled them to adopt standardized processes as part of their transformation.   

These are just a small sample of the value stories shared during SAP Sapphire. Most importantly, they show that businesses bringing out their best isn’t hypothetical; it’s happening every day. And in the age of business AI, it is just the tip of the iceberg for what will soon be possible for every business. At SAP, we remain steadfast as we did 52 years ago, to do our best in enabling our customers, partners, and teams every day to bring out their best!  

Scott Russell is chief revenue officer and member of the Executive Board of SAP SE.
This blog also appeared on Forbes.

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