Find your Best User Testing to Successful ERP Implementation

A process for training end users, which also happens to be effective enough, is one of the surefire ways in which one can make the process of implementing software tools such as SAP Business One and Sage 300successful. If you are able to execute the program for training end users properly then there can be several levels – ascending ones at that – of contribution to the ERP implementation process. There are certain things that you need to ensure from the first day itself:

  • Everyone should be able to log on to the new system
  • They should get access to the dealings that are required to do their job
  • They should know how to perform the transactions by themselves

These are the most-basic ingredients of success. If this much competency cannot be achieved then there is no denying that the efforts will fail. One thing is also sure. Only when the end users have been provided the necessary instructions then the basic level of competency can be achieved. It is also imperative that they are asked to practice what they have learned as part of the basic instructions. There is another tier of training the end users.

You can train some end users in such a way that they are able to take part in volume training when the process goes live. Thus, their contribution is much beyond the amount of participation in the said task since they are able to provide a different and realistic perspective to things. These may be problems, which the team responsible for implementation may not have been aware of. They can actually understand the areas of training that will become problematic later on. They are also able to take just about one look at data output and get the errors that happen because of the lack of common sense. It needs to be remembered that a team that is not acquainted with the ways data works on a daily basis might jolly well overlook these.

The biggest benefit of training users is that the team, which is supposed to solve problems, will have more people to work with. They are helpful in any effort since they come with a lot of positive energy to the whole process. The ones that we see commonly are only good at identifying problems. They will just find the issues and let the implementation team take the brunt of the same.

The best way in which you can create more problem solvers in your company is to find out people who are able to understand the training material in a short span of time as well as ones who are more curious than usual. It is important that these people are mentored properly and given more training. It also needs to be understood that at all these levels the process of education needs to be logical and consistent. It is important that every individual who is related to ERP has a proper job function and an identity.

All the transactions needed for the process should be identified and there should be a proper security role in order to assemble them. The training material should also be created in such a way that there are enough practice problems. This will make sure that everyone is able to take part properly in the practice sessions. There are various kinds of deals where the amount of master data and preparation is different from others. With sufficient amount of valid customers and materials it is possible to create a wealth of sales orders. However, production cannot be reported till there is enough inventory and a work order of all the constituent parts.

It is also important that the instructors come with a certain amount of enthusiasm as well as patience and knowledge. The training should be timed in such a way that it is not too far before training. If the time gap is too long, then obviously people will retain less. If you are able to train the most-possible number of people trained properly before your ERP goes live then it would be good enough for the success of your company. It is important to have focused people and training is a key component of the same.

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