Top 3 Team Talents Needed to Successful ERP Implementation

It is always important to have the right team in order to be able to implement ERP successfully. This is almost as obvious as growing revenue is good for business or greater saving is greater for personal wealth. Yet, as an ERP project manager, everyone has to do a fair share of fighting in order to be able to recruit the right talent. How committed a company is to staying healthy in the long term and how much it understands such factors can be gauged from the quality of people it entrusts with the responsibility of implementing ERP systems. If you have not assigned the best talent in your company for implementing the ERP processes you should not be surprised if the results do not match up to your expectations.

The biggest benefit of having a talented team is that it is able to see the bigger picture to a much better extent than a normal executive would. It can understand the results of strategic decisions much better and evaluate decision likewise. It is the long term that excites them and not the immediate time. They know what will happen tomorrow. They are also capable of implementing the process-related changes that have to be made.

There are some signs that some individuals are talented and thus worth depending on. The first is that they are good enough to be promoted. These people have very little interest in maintaining status quo. They are one day likely to get to the head of the management setup of their companies. They will always have a basic understanding of how and why various processes came into being. It is always good to have individuals who are quite intelligent themselves but it is even better to have people who are intelligent from a team perspective.

At times, it has been seen that people who are smart themselves meddle with the way a team works. Normally, there is very little connection between team intelligence and personal intelligence. When you are smart from a team perspective you are able to understand why it is important to have consensus on various matters. You also do not stretch a conversation beyond a certain point. You are able to understand the effect a decision will have on the organization as a whole and evaluate it likewise. You also do not let personal ego come in way of work.

The third benefit of having a strong team is that they have a rather deep understanding of how to work in an organization. They know what they are supposed to do and they also know the reasons for the same. Such understanding comes in extremely handy when a company decides which processes need to be changed and which need to be retained. Perhaps, their best quality is that they are able to listen to different points of view coming their way and then choose the one that happens to be the most appropriate one or even assimilating the best among these.

As could be understood from the discussion, with a talented team there is an overall improvement in processes. With them change management becomes easier. There is improvement in testing as well since the choice of such scenarios is judicious and execution is intelligent. Since the team members are not averse to being given extra responsibility, the organization does not miss milestones or at least the ratio comes down by a significant extent. They can contribute as and when help is needed. There are several factors that are important in the context of implementing ERP processes. Perhaps, no factor is bigger than team talent. While there is no guarantee that a talented team will always deliver exceptional results you can always be sure that a mediocre team will perform poorly.

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